How To Earn Money Online From shortlinks

Internet has been playing a vital role in our lives for long now. And its consumption has seen an all-time high with the onset of smartphones. Not just social media and entertainment, the online space is a host to a plethora of activities. Web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer are what help us get connected with the World Wide Web. And its Google which most of us prefer to resort to while searching for anything specific online.

Paid link shorteners are overlooked by many but I’m going to show you how I use them to make extra money with my sites and put them all to the test once and for all.

How it Works

So then, let us see how the whole system functions.

When someone clicks on the shortened URLs that you created on the social platforms, social communities and blogs certain amount of money will be credited to your account.

That sounds gorgeous. Had I known it before…!

Besides, your credit pay varies based on a few factors of URL shortening service you choose. Like, few pay for, based on revenue sharing. Few based on the number of clicks and a few based on impressions.





A Link Shortener is a website or application that turns long links into short ones, that redirect to the long link.

Here is an example of a long URL which points to the Amazon store-

and here is its short version:

The short version just redirects you to the long version – which makes for easier sharing especially on social networks like Twitter.

Using a link shortener is very easy. Just paste in the URL you want to shorten, click go and you are done



Why Use A Link Shortener?

And finally, Ladies and Gentlemen:


Now you have general idea of how link shorteners work, let’s turn our attention on how to use them to make extra money!

Not all shorteners let you earn money.

So we will focus entirely Paid Link Shorteners that give you all the advantages of a normal shorteners but with the added ability to make money.

I’m going to put all of the best ones to the test in this article!

How Paid Shorteners Work

If you add an advertising layer to a classic shortener, you get paid link shortener. 

The layer is added between a shortened URL and destination page and this is how money comes into play.

How it works in practice:

  • Visitor clicks a shortened link (shortened URL)
  • Ad is displayed on an intermediate page – you earn money.
  • The visitor is redirected from the intermediate page to the destination page (long URL)


This method of earning money has some interesting advantages.


Published on: 10/30/20, 3:37 PM